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Hello and welcome to the excel tutorial blog from Compute Expert! There is a collection of tutorials here which should help you use your spreadsheet file optimally at work!

Why Should We Learn Excel?

It must be recognized that this software is often needed to be used in our daily work. If you often deal with data saving and processing, then one of the main tools to use is a spreadsheet file. Its presence makes it easy for us to do our work. Various features in it can make our data processing done faster without forgetting the quality of the result.

There are many work cases where understanding excel can help us. Jobs like marketing data analysis, production schedule determination, and financial reporting are just small samples. These kinds of jobs often deal with data processing and spreadsheet can make the process much easier. However, the easiness surely can only be gained if we know how to optimize its various features for our advantage.

If you don’t understand how to use them, then you can’t utilize a tool that potentially can help your work tremendously. Because of that, just learn the excel tutorial from Compute Expert made available for you free! From many tutorials here to learn, you just need to choose the topics most appropriate for your work needs. Deep explanation about spreadsheet calculation, formulas, important features, and tips & tricks are given here completely.

What is Ms Excel Tutorial from Compute Expert?

Excel tutorial from Compute Expert is a facility provided by Compute Expert if you want to master how to use excel. This software has many features available to help you save, process, and show data. Learn those features then practice them in your daily work so you can be better at using this software!

What are the Contents of Excel Spreadsheet Tutorial from Compute Expert?

In general, the tutorials in our blog are divided into three big groups:
  • Calculations, for you who want to learn how to do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and other calculation types in your spreadsheet file. If you often deal with numbers processing, then all tutorials here are needed to be learned!
  • Formulas, for your understanding of how to use various unique formulas in this software. The use of the right formula can help you greatly in making your data processing faster while also producing accurate results
  • Tips & tricks, for you who want to learn other interesting things that can be done by this software. The explanation about other useful features besides formulas and other interesting topics in the spreadsheet world is available here

In structure, each Microsoft Excel tutorial in Compute Expert explains the why, what, and how. This is so you get a complete understanding of why you need to learn it to the step-by-step use. Besides, each tutorial also has a simple exercise so you can deepen your understanding after learning lessons in it. Don’t forget to do them if you really want to understand how to take advantage of this software optimally!

And yes, the learning materials from Compute Expert is still updated weekly! So, bookmark this website and keep visiting us so you can keep getting better at using excel! Register your email too using the form available at the bottom so you can get weekly notifications on our newest tutorials!

So, what are you waiting for? Start clicking on the parts that you want to learn below to start getting your knowledge immediately!

Happy learning!

Want to Learn More About Excel?

Get updated excel info from Compute Expert by registering your email. It's free!

Want to Learn More About Excel?

Get updated excel info from Compute Expert by registering your email. It's free!

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