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TODAY Function in Excel

In this tutorial, you will learn about TODAY formula in excel. TODAY function in excel can be used to give you today’s date in your spreadsheet software. The result of TODAY formula in excel will always be automatically updated when the sheet(s) which contains TODAY function in excel is opened or updated.

Why We Need to Learn About TODAY Formula in Excel?

In processing data on a spreadsheet where we do a content update periodically, often there is a need for today’s date placed as a note when the update takes place. It is also possible that we need the updated today’s date data as a part of the process that we do to any related data in our spreadsheet.

For the specific example, imagine if we create a Purchase Order form application for our company where the form is used by many people each day. There will be a need for today’s date in every filling of the document as a note when the form is filled before it is being sent to related stakeholders. The note will be then useful as information to the related stakeholders who are the PO sending destinations and also it will be useful as a documentation for the company.

Another specific example is when we have an application to track the newest status of all accounts receivables that other stakeholders have to the company. Maybe there are due dates in there and we want to see whether, currently, we are already close to the due dates or even already pasts them. If there are many account receivable data that need to be tracked, then it will be very troublesome to look at the account receivable entries one by one every day to get a status update on which account receivable that we must bill and which already past their respective due dates and must be resolved as soon as possible.

To help in giving an update on today’s date in the spreadsheet, then there is TODAY function in excel that can be used. Its utilization is very useful to be understood when dealing with the above two cases or another case where you need today’s date as a cell content or a factor in data processing.

What is TODAY Function in Excel?

TODAY function in excel is a formula with the usage objective to give today’s date with a continuous update to its result. TODAY formula in excel is often used when you deal with the newest status tracking of something or data processing related to dates. The data from TODAY function in excel will be renewed every time the sheet contain it is opened or updated.

How to Use TODAY Formula in Excel?

The following will explain about TODAY function in excel. TODAY formula in excel is very easy to use because it does not need input in it. You just need to write TODAY formula in excel directly to the place where you want to use today’s date. The detail of its usage is given below.

Using TODAY Function in Excel

  1. Type equal sign ( = ) in the cell where you want to put the result in

    TODAY Function in Excel - Screenshot of Step 1

  2. Type TODAY (can be with large and small letters) and open bracket sign after =

    TODAY Function in Excel - Screenshot of Step 2

  3. Type close bracket sign

    TODAY Function in Excel - Screenshot of Step 3

  4. Press Enter
  5. The process is done!

    TODAY Function in Excel - Screenshot of Step 5


After you have learned how to use the formula above, you can practice your understanding by doing the exercise below!

Download the file from the following link and answer the questions below. Please download the answer if you have done answering the questions and sure about the result!

Link to download the exercise file:
Download here


Answer all the questions in column B by using TODAY formula in excel! Place your answers on column C

Link to download the answer:
Download here

Additional Notes

  • You can use F9 button too to update TODAY formula in excel result
  • This formula cannot be directly used in the addition or subtraction process with other dates in one direct writing. If you want, you need to write the formula and the date that is wanted to be processed on different cells. Just then, you can do the calculation process referring to those cell coordinates
  • If there is a need for today’s date which does not keep being updated continuously, then you can press Ctrl + ; at the same time to get the date ( Control and ; buttons on Mac)
  • You can change the date format by using Format Cells menu or TEXT formula. If you want to use TEXT function, then you can learn it from the other part of Compute Expert blog if you still don’t understand how to use it!
  • If there is a need for the current date and time, you can use NOW formula. The tutorial is also available in this Compute Expert blog!

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Want to Learn More About Excel?

Get updated excel info from Compute Expert by registering your email. It's free!

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