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Are you experiencing these kinds of problems when you do your excel work?
  • Feel confused when you need to write an excel formula correctly to get the result you want?
  • Get a wrong or error result in your data processing process in excel?
  • Want to make your excel work much more automated?
  • Experience other problems related to excel work?

Compute Expert is ready to help you!

Excel is a very flexible software and is used by many people throughout the world. However, we often feel confused when we need to input or process our data in excel to get the results we want.

When you feel this way, you can immediately consult your excel problem to Compute Expert and let us help you! With our excel experience, we are ready to help solving your excel problem, from the simple one to the complex one!

Here are the steps we will do to help you solve your excel problem
  1. Tell us your excel problem in detail through a message to our email
  2. We may ask few questions to make your problem clearer to us. After that, we will give you a quote to help finishing your excel work
  3. After you agree with the quote and transfer the DP, we will work on your excel problem based on what we have discussed
  4. Done! We will send our work result and you just need to transfer the remaining payment which we have agreed before

Tell us your excel problem by explaning these few things:
  • The details of your excel problem
  • The output you want from this excel problem of yours. Tell us in detail
  • Excel version that you use (2007/2010/2013/dst)
  • Excel file attachment in where you experience your problem (if necessary)

Want to start the consultation process? Contact us now through this following email.[at]

Need to solve your excel problems? Contact us immediately!

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