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PROPER Excel Function

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the PROPER excel function. The PROPER formula in excel can be used to make the first letters in all the words in a writing capital. Besides them, other letters will become lowercase letters.

Why do We Need to Learn PROPER Formula in Excel?

In the text data processing on a spreadsheet file, sometimes we want to format a text into a headline. This headline format means all the first letters from each word in the text are capital while others are lowercase. This might be needed if we are processing document templates in spreadsheets or processing text data for other headlines purposes. We surely can do it manually but it will be troublesome.

As an example in work, let’s say we process text data for titles and subtitles of company reports in a spreadsheet. Maybe the writings for each report’s title and subtitle have all been inputted in a column. However, the uppercase and lowercase letters in them are still not right and haven’t been formatted into headlines correctly. If there is much data to be processed or the title keeps changing, then it will take time to format manually.

To help to make your text formatted like a headline, you can use the PROPER excel function. This function is very useful if you have needs like in the case above and want an automatic way to format. It is important to be understood especially if you often process your document data in a spreadsheet file.

What PROPER Function is Used for?

PROPER excel function is a function in this software to convert a text into a headline form. This means the first letters of each word in the writing become capital while the others become lowercase. This is sometimes needed when you process data related to documents.

Generally, the input of this formula can be explained briefly as follows:


text = the writing that you want to change all of its words into the headline form

How to Use Excel PROPER Formula?

The following will explain step-by-step how to use the formula. It is actually pretty easy to use because it only needs one input, the writing to be processed into its result.

Using the PROPER Excel Function

  1. Type equal sign ( = ) in the cell where you want to put the result in

    PROPER Excel Function - Screenshot of Step 1

  2. Type PROPER (can be with large and small letters) and open bracket sign after =

    PROPER Excel Function - Screenshot of Step 2

  3. Input the text or cell coordinate where the text which you want to process is after the open bracket sign. If you want to type it manually without using a cell coordinate , then do not forget to type the text between two quotes signs (“”)

    PROPER Excel Function - Screenshot of Step 3

  4. Type close bracket sign

    PROPER Excel Function - Screenshot of Step 4

  5. Press Enter
  6. The process is done!

    PROPER Excel Function - Screenshot of Step 6


After you understand how to use the formula, now is the time to do an exercise. It is done so you can deepen your understanding.

Download the exercise file and answer the question. Download the answer key file if you have done the exercise and want to check your answer. Or probably if you are confused about how to answer the question.

Link to the exercise file:
Download here


What is the PROPER excel function result for the text in number 1, 2, and 3? Input your answer on the appropriate gray-colored cell!

Link for the answer key file:
Download here

Additional Note

If you need to make all letters in your writing uppercase or lowercase, then you better use UPPER or LOWER formulas. Learn their use in the Compute Expert tutorials which explain each of them!

Want to Learn More About Excel?

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Want to Learn More About Excel?

Get updated excel info from Compute Expert by registering your email. It's free!

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